Monday, April 27, 2009

Gratitude - Day 8

Hania - 2009

Missy - 1977

Today I am grateful that I can see a bit of myself in my daughter. She is a more perfect version of her parents, who are quite imperfect. I cannot wait to see how her personality develops. She is a strong-willed but quiet child, who prefers to sit back and observe a scenario before she rushes into anything. We often stay for 2 story times at the library because she uses the entire first one to settle into her surroundings. Once she is comfortable in her environment she is ON! Talkative, boisterous, verging on bossy, focused and not easily distracted when she sets her mind on something.
And do you see the crazy bruises on her legs? Yep. Just like Mama, all throughout childhood and even today!


uptx4 said...

It's your cousin,Jen. I have been checking your blog since Aunt Kim and Uncle Keith sent pics of Hania.
I haven't had a chance to catch up with everyone because my life is too crazy right now. I really enjoyed your "gratitudes" blogs because lately I have needed to slow down and be grateful too. However, your blog is making me think things aren't great there. Please give a call sweetheart--or I promise to track you down from work. You guys are in our prayers and we all miss you so much.
Jen and Bill & kids

Liz said...

I saw the pic of you before I saw the caption and I thought "WOW! Hania really looks like Missy!" Then I saw that picture WAS you. :) But in her pics, she is so super cute!!!

Sleepless Sabra said...

Oh my goodness she looks just like you! How fun! I can't believe how much she's growing. She's so precious.


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